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For all your needs from storage to the point of serving the Perfect Pint

InnCellar provide high quality, Cask Beer Solutions for all your In House or Beer Festival Equipment requirements. We have a wide range of Cellar Stillage with Fixed Tilts, Single Auto Tilts or Beer Festival Racking. A full range of Cask Insulating Jackets, Cask & Keg Cooling Jackets with an integral PVC saddle, Stainless Steel Probes & Saddles, all to maintain temperatures . We stock a full range of Cask Taps, John Guest fittings, Installation Materials and Ancillary Fittings.

Fully committed to our customer needs, we can source all Cask Beer Equipment requirements, site visits can be arranged to discuss any bespoke Cellar Stillage. 
We specialise in beer festival equipment, with our Festival Racking system that can be extended at ease, to suit varying size of events (with or without Banner Rails), backed up with cooling from the Ice Blankets, with the Insulating Jacket or ultimately the Cask Cooling or Keg Cooling Jackets, for use with traditional Cask Beers or Craft Beers in Keg, and of course for the occasional cask the Ultimate Bar Top Kit.

Suppliers of all Ancillary Equipment and Materials, Cellar sundries, Cask Tap, Pipe and Fittings.

Why not enjoy a quick browse around the site to find those monthly promotions and our special offers, there is always something to save you money.

You can be assured of quality service from people who know the business. If you would like any further information then please feel free to Contact InnCellar.

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